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Minnesota and Wisconsin Estate and Elder Law Services

Across Minnesota, families and caregivers of the 76 million Baby Boomers nearing retirement age are confronting a series of issues for the first time, including estate planning, financial exploitation, elder abuse, budgeting for long-term care and learning to navigate the Social Security and Medicare apparatus. Chmielewski Law Offices helps seniors and their families manage through these issues by listening to our client's goals, needs and complaints and effecting sound legal solutions to bring about resolution for them.

Many of us loathe the idea of planning for growing older, facing retirement and eventual death. Still, aging happens to all of us and planning ahead now for an uncertain future - whether it is drafting a will, arranging for long-term health care, or pre-empting disability decisions - can ensure that your family and loved ones are able to identify your intentions and respect your wishes. Advance planning for life events will allow the time to properly investigate all of the relevant options, which can result in sound decision making and finding the best match for your specific needs.

Despite the most diligent estate preparation efforts, unforeseen events, changed bureaucratic processes and difficult personalities can cause significant stress and financial strain whether it be in dealing with a health care provider, your insurance carrier, a state or federal government entity, an independent health practitioner and even friends and family. Chmielewski Law Offices offers knowledgeable advocacy in estate planning and elder law legal services during the planning stage and thereafter to help you administer specific legally-binding documents, assert your legal rights and establish appropriate courses of action in the following areas:

  • Will Drafting and Establishing a Trust Instrument
  • Estate Planning and Estate Administration
  • Health Care Directives/Long-Term Care Insurance/Disability Planning
  • Guardianship and Conservatorship
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Medicaid/Medicare Grievances
  • Nursing Home Issues
  • Retirement Planning/Living Wills
  • Social Security and Veterans Benefits
Whether you are anticipating future needs or facing a current crisis, Chmielewski Law Offices can help to develop a strategy for providing financial stability, ensure maximum physical independence and ensure that medical decisions are controlled by those you trust.

For the help you need with the often complicated process of analyzing or accessing your estate planning and elder law legal options, contact Chmielewski Law Offices today via our email form or by phone at 866-446-6529. It's never too late to get help to ensure that your rights are protected.