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Minnesota Custody and Visitation and Wisconsin Custody and Visitation

Child custody matters are among the most contentious in many divorce proceedings. At the Twin Cities area law firm, Chmielewski Law Office , our goal is to represent our clients effectively while protecting the best interests of the children involved.

Learn More About Custody

To learn more about child custody, contact a family lawyer at Chmielewski Law Office. Call us toll-free at 866-446-6529. Find out about the options for child custody and visitation that are possible under Minnesota Law and Wisconsin Law.

Child Custody Options

Minnesota law and Wisconsin law provides several different options for parents, including these:

  • Sole custody: This form of custody gives both physical and legal custody to one parent. One parent has custody and the other has time-sharing rights (for a list of parenting time factors that will be evaluated by the court in any case pursuant to Minnesota Statute 518.17 and Wisconsin Statute 767.41, please visit Parenting Time Factors). The custodial parent is responsible both for the child's living situation and for the major decisions regarding health, education and religion.
  • Joint custody: This arrangement means that parents share responsibility. It means that the parents are both responsible for the child's welfare, religious instruction, health and education. Parents can also have joint legal custody, and one parent can be awarded primary physical custody.
  • Shared, joint or rotating custody: This form of custody gives both parents the responsibility of physical and legal custody. They rotate where the child lives on an equitable basis. This form of custody generally works best when the parents are able to work together.

The most typical arrangement is for the parents to have joint legal custody of the child and for one parent to be awarded physical custody with the other parent receiving generous visitation or parenting time rights.

Issues in Custody and Visitation

We represent mothers and fathers in custody and visitation matters. We have helped with issues as diverse as these:

  • Arranging for a custody evaluator to determine what is in the best interest of the child
  • Handling modifications of custody and visitation orders when parental schedule and availability change because of relocation or job change
  • Requesting a guardian ad litem if there is reason to fear for the safety of the child
  • Helping parents develop parenting plans in accordance with a new Minnesota and Wisconsin law

Advocating for You and Your Children

Our St. Paul divorce lawyer will accompany you to hearings and represent you in court. To discuss your options with a knowledgeable custody lawyer, contact our Woodbury, Minnesota office. Call toll-free at 866-446-6529 to schedule a free initial consultation.