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Minnesota Adoption Process and Wisconsin Adoption Process

Stepparent Adoption Lawyers

Our law firm helps men and women adopt their spouses' children. Stepparent adoption is often positive and uncontroversial. However, it does require that the biological parent relinquish his or her parental rights; in some cases, this is a great source of conflict. Whether the adoption process is easy or contentious, our attorneys can help. We represent biological parents and their spouses, working with them to finalize or contest adoptions.

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Helping With the Adoption Process

When you visit our office for your free 30-minute consultation, we will discuss the adoption process and help you understand what a stepparent adoption entails. If you are hoping to adopt your spouse's child, we will walk you through an adoption filing that so you know what is required. If you subsequently decide to retain our law firm, we will be with you throughout the process, providing counsel and representation in these areas:

  • Hearings
  • Screenings
  • Challenges to adoption petitions
  • Involuntary and voluntary termination of parental rights
  • Child support issues related to adoption

Acting in the Best Interests of Children

Our attorneys believe that the key to success in adoption matters is for the adults to act in the best interests of the children involved. That is the criteria that Minnesota and Wisconsin judges use when deciding on adoption cases; stepparents and biological parents are under the same obligation. Our firm is zealous when it comes to protecting children and will ensure that clients have the knowledge they need to work toward the best interests of a child.

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