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Minnesota and Wisconsin Custody, Maintenance and Support Modifications

Modifications After a Divorce

Divorce is seldom final, because circumstances change. People leave jobs, get laid off, become disabled or remarry. If such changes result in a substantial alteration in circumstances that will affect support, visitation or other court-ordered provisions of the divorce, a party can petition the court to change, or modify, the original order.

At the Twin Cities area law firm of Chmielewski Law Office, we help clients with modifications of all types. We represent men and women in court appearances and hearings, file all required documents and work with clients to ensure that the requested changes are in the best interests of their children. For more information or to schedule a free 30-minute consultation, contact our law firm. Call toll-free at 866-446-6529. to talk to a divorce lawyer today.

Why Do I Need to Get a Formal Modification?

Many people believe that because they and their ex-spouses agree about proposed changes, they don't need to bother with obtaining formal modifications to their original judgments. However, if the change they agree upon affects one of the court-ordered provisions of a divorce decree, parents or ex-spouses may find that they are in violation of the original agreement and liable for back support or other financial obligations. This is an unpleasant surprise that can be avoided if the changes are formalized in a modification.

Circumstances That Can Lead to Modifications

We help clients make formal arrangements to accommodate changes such as these:

  • One parent relocates after a remarriage or job change. This could result in a modification of visitation, child custody or child support.
  • The parent paying child support is no longer able to pay the ordered amount of alimony or support because of a job loss, illness or disability.
  • The child no longer wishes to live with the primary parent. This usually occurs with an older child or after a remarriage.
  • The secondary parent has not exercised his or her rights to time sharing and has not been part of the child's life.

How Our Law Firm Can Help

Most modifications do not require court hearings or appearances. Our attorneys will draft the required documents to be appended to the original judgment. And if you need to appear before a judge before a modification can occur, we will represent you and make sure that your rights and those of your children are protected.

Learn More About Modifications

To speak with an attorney about modifying a final divorce order, contact our law firm in Woodbury, Minnesota. Call us toll-free at 866-446-6529 to learn how we can help you.