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Minnesota Equitable Distribution and Wisconsin Equitable Distribution

Helping Clients With Equitable Distribution

Divorce in Minnesota and Wisconsins includes dividing all the property and debts acquired during the marriage. At Chmielewski Law Office, we help clients with this process, which is called equitable distribution. Remember, you need a competent divorce lawyer to ensure you are treated fairly.

Experience and Diligence Ensure Fair Treatment

Making sure that property division is truly equitable is often more complex than it would appear. Our Minnesota divorce law firm and Wisconsin divorce law firm are able to protect an estate during divorce as well as ensure that a client receives everything the law requires. In both cases, our experience in this area allows us to explore all possibilities so that the law is fully carried out. To learn more, contact our Woodbury, Minnesota law office. Call us toll-free at 866-446-6529.

What is Equitable Distribution?

Equitable distribution refers to the property division process in both Minnesota and Wisconsin. It does not mean equal distribution. And there are certain items that are not generally included in the property division process, including some gifts and inheritances. We undertake tasks such as these when assisting clients with equitable distribution:

  • Ensure that separate property to be set aside and not included in the process is truly non-marital. Gifts, inheritances and gambling proceeds may have a marital component. We explore this possibility.
  • Make sure that all assets are available for valuation and distribution
  • Employ forensic accountants, especially when a family business is part of the property, to ensure that profits and losses are correctly calculated
  • Consult with appraisers to value property such as houses, jewelry, antiques and other valuables
  • Undertake partition actions to sell property if that is the only way it can be distributed
  • File motions to obtain access to information about bank accounts and other financial instruments
  • Determine whether alimony and other awards should affect equitable distribution

These activities and others allow us to represent our clients' interests during the process of equitable distribution Our goal is to ensure that the property division process is fair and open. To learn more, contact a divorce lawyer at Chmielewski Law Office. Call us toll-free at 866-446-6529.