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Do I Need a Last Will and Testament in Minnesota or Wisconsin?

Every Minnesotan or Sconnie should have a professionally drafted last will and testament to assure that their money, real estate and personal possessions are distributed when, where, how and to whom they wish when they die.

Dying intestate - the legal term for dying without having a legally proper will under Minnesota's and Wisconsin's Uniform Probate Act - means that your money and personal possessions become a court case. According to Minnesota and Wisconsin probate laws, a probate judge and the personal representative that they appoint will make a formal adjudication of intestacy, determine who your heirs are and distribute your possessions accordingly. Since Minnesota and Wisconsin probate laws can be changed by the legislature, relying on Minnesota and Wisconsin's probate process as it is drafted today may not result in the distribution that you intended at the time of your death.

To circumvent Minnesota and Wisconsin probate law, you need a technically correct will drafted for you. If you own real property (a house, a townhome, a condominium, commercial real estate, etc.), personal possessions of great monetary or sentimental value, have children or step-children, or have been married more than once, you should not delay in having a will drafted for you, since the future is uncertain. Consult a qualified Minnesota attorney or Wisconsin attorney knowledgeable of the probate process and skilled in drafting personal wills to ensure that your property is distributed correctly and efficiently upon your death.

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