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Minnesota and Wisconsin Criminal Defense Representation and Litigation

Facing Serious Criminal Charges? Call Chmielewski Law Offices.

The prosecutor wants to see you go away for a long time. The power of the state or federal government is lined up against you. You need a Minnesota criminal defense lawyer or Wisconsin criminal defense lawyer NOW who has the confidence and skills to go into a courtroom and fight for your freedom.

Why Do I Need a Minnesota and Wisconsin Criminal Defense Lawyer?

At Chmielewski Law Offices, we know how to develop an effective theory of the case, how to challenge evidence, how to cross-examine witnesses and how to find the weaknesses in the prosecution - acts that provide our clients with a reliable strength during pre-trial negotiations and trial.

We also help clients understand pending criminal charges and the potential consequences of different courses of action - acts that help lower the anxiety, stress and financial strain that stem from the uncertainty of the criminal process.

We work to develop an effective defense strategy, to reduce the charges against you, to increase your odds of winning at trial or to minimize consequences of a guilty plea or finding of guilty after a trial. We also help people expunge their criminal record or arrest.

Don't Delay. Call A Minnesota and Wisconsin Criminal Defense Lawyer?

We are fierce, tough and aggressive criminal defense advocates and work diligently to provide our clients with a quality legal defense at an affordable price. If the charges against you are serious, call Chmielewski Law Offices toll free today at 866-446-6529. We handle all legal matters involving:

  • Drug offenses: Drug distribution, drug trafficking, drug manufacturing, drug cultivation.
  • White-collar crime: Embezzlement, honest services fraud, tax fraud, health care fraud, insurance fraud.
  • Robbery, assault, murder: Kidnapping, aggravated battery, manslaughter, capital murder, carjacking, domestic assault, domestic violence.
  • Sex offenses/Internet crime: Internet child pornography, Internet sex crimes, sexual assault, sexual battery, rape, statutory rape.
  • Firearms/gun crimes: Felon in possession, weapons enhancement charges.
  • RICO/racketeering: Conspiracy, fraud, organized crime, criminal drug conspiracy.
  • Public corruption: Police officers, political figures, law enforcement.
  • Grand jury proceedings: Subpoenas, investigations, targets.
  • Appeals: state and federal.

When your freedom is at stake, our goal is to get you through this with as little damage as possible. Skillful legal defense doesn't have to cost your life savings. Contact Chmielewski Law Offices immediately via our email form or toll free at 866-446-6529 for the free consultation of an affordable criminal defense lawyer about your rights and options. We can help you choose the right course of action for your case. Experience doesn't cost, it pays.